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review: On learning languages and failing

It's become a sort of personal tradition to try and fail at learning a new (but also the same) language every summer. Last year summer, it was Spanish, the summer before, Russian, and Spanish again the summer before that.

As inexplicably interested as I am with Russian, I don’t think it’s the most practical language for me to learn right now. I do think it’d open up a new career path of assassin-spy/double-agent which sounds fun, but I do think that with current political tensions, my learning Russian would leave a search history trail that might put me on a watchlist. I don’t know. I’m just playing it safe and attempting to learn Spanish (again). I'm using Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish as a textbook of sorts. The first page of each chapter has illustrations from Andy Warhol. And my failure to learn Spanish twice now is no reflection on the book itself; I really like it.

One thing that’s always tripped me up with learning Spanish is I end up trying to say most words with…

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